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  • JRF Series Coal Combustion Hot Air Furnace
    Overview: The furnace combines the combustion with the heat exchange, using the latest indirect heating technology that the heat exchange is taken place at the position of the high temperature in the furnace. The smoke and the air go into the dierent channels, without any pollution for th
  • RLY Series Oil Combustion Hot Air Furnace
    Overview: The fuel is burnt at firebox and the high temperature is produced. The quantity of heat will conduct to air to be heated through heat exchange device.Through heat exchange, the temperature of air is dropped to less than 250℃ and the air will be discharged. The air to be heated i
  • GMF Coal Combustion High-Temp Hot Air Furnace
    Overview: The drier is equipped with machanical line eject coal fuel, and is adopted. The heat exchanger can be choised in high-temperature palte, pipe and hot pipe. Its temperature of outlet is high, and heat factor is high, and the temperature of c leaning hot a ir is from 100 ℃ to 450
  • SRQ Series Heat Exchanger
    Overview: The sprial fin air heat exchanger produced by our company , is also named as heat radiator. It’s the main equipment of cooling device with chill media, or the heating device for air heating.
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