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Smart device dry toxic ingredients

2015-05-20 | 浏览量: 3286 Changzhou LongWen Drying Equipment Co., Ltd.

Attaches great importance to research and development in the pharmaceutical industry, the purpose is to find a new active ingredient. And more and more of the components identified are toxic, so the operating personnel in direct contact with these drugs is very dangerous and should be avoided. As a result, to take measures to prevent drugs and other substances in contact is required.

Nature has not been measured before, vacuum drying oven is the flash dryer for new active ingredients wise choice because it has a number of advantages. This drying method can guarantee bulk material recovery, there is no product residue. In order to avoid massive active ingredient is broken down into small particles, Pink spray drying apparatus of this patent is placed on the spacer means mounted on the flange. Because the active substance is the result of "response" or "centrifuge" These steps arrive after the filtration stage, so the filtering process step (pressure filtration) coupled to the system so that the previous step of the integration is meaningful. This complex process unit must have the following features:

■ The operator must be protected against any toxic substance abuse or contaminated body. And protective clothing as simple as different anti-virus measures, anti-virus function of the system is the result of the assessment and testing and certification. ■ sensitive high-concentrated product must also be isolated from the external environment, in order to ensure quality. In the above described system, the product is usually stored in an internal controlled conditions environment. ■ When small batch, no product loss is very important, because often these materials are expensive and are highly toxic. ■ design of the entire system must comply with GMP requirements.

All surfaces are smooth and can be observed in the system, and must be easy to clean, so as to avoid cross-contamination. System includes the following three processes unit:

■ slurry filtration device ■ isolation device ■ vacuum drying oven

In order to achieve security purposes, the system windows are bolted on the isolation device, vibration fluidized bed and only when the primary monitor is available daily open. The system is unique feature is that it can be operated from the front and rear two positions. This makes it easier to use the slurry filtered.

Scraper dryer drum instrument reinforcement area located oval handle flange so workers can move the entire device. Boyer door welded on in the removal of excess material or tool easy. The system has three fast switch ports, plus materials and products can be used to control the material. La Calhene system allows the operator to open the sealed container or sealed implemented. It is used to feed the pipeline system is provided between the cover, mud filter and isolator wall.

Mud filter integrated

Mud filter is mounted on the isolator can withstand 3bar maximum pressure. Disc dryer product is placed in the filter chamber (chamber located inside the filter). The roof is manually operated, two air springs on which to make opening and closing operations are relatively easy to implement. After binding and isolation device, the operation is easy to implement is particularly important. Of mud filter pressurized with nitrogen, the liquid / volatile substances expelled from the filtrate.

The filter media can also affect the nature of the degree of filtration. After filtration is complete, open mud filter, the filter was placed on the remaining loading tray. In order to ensure that even very small hollow blade dryer product residue is not lost, the entire filter chamber can be removed from the filter and separator filter media can be constantly changing.

Drying stage

Dish filled with filter material is placed in a drying oven. And the drying furnace separator to a minimum depth control to make operation easier. Based on consideration of ergonomics, in order to enable the operator to remove the plate from the drying oven does not seem too much trouble, I chose a very sophisticated design simple door for this purpose. In fact, the door is divided into two parts, which are the door on the aircraft wing alike, can go in a certain direction, it can also be rotated 180o, so that the operator can see the situation inside the device surface. The biggest advantage is that all the drying furnace hot stove shelves are welded to the side and rear panels, and the entire apparatus are no gaps or feed channel. All corners are smooth transition. This patent drying oven temperature profile both balanced (shelf temperature 61 ℃) features, so no matter which one of the shelves operator with dried products, the results are repeatable. After kiln drying, the carrier plate is removed from the drying oven. The dried product through an RPT port to the sealed container. The sealed container may be removed from the system, it is introduced into the other port of the RPT system. After use, the carrier plate left on the shelf. To reduce weight, the rack separator is made of plastic, and it is easy to put into and out of the door by Boyer.

Cleaning system

Two manual spray gun mounted on the left and right sides of the system for cleaning. Gun hanging on the bottom of the top unit on an isolated hook, so they do not have any relationship with the normal operation of the system. Two isolation device located in the bottom surface of the drain, easy to clean after the liquid is discharged. All surfaces inside the furnace can be seen from the direction of the operator. Welded to a small shelf mounted on the front portion of the tilt angle, to facilitate the flow of the liquid after cleaning. The system has two push-pull filters, so do not open the unit, there is a band dryer equipment can replace the filter cartridge to work. Contaminated filter cartridge can be taken out by the port of RTP.

For security, isolation means there is overpressure limits. The ability of the exhaust outlet overpressure and exhaust related. The internal pressure was maintained between -50pa ~ -120pa. If a broken handle, fans can balance increased gas flow and prevent escape of toxic substances. The device can be manufactured in 316L stainless steel or nickel-based alloys. Surface roughness <0.4μm, meet pharmaceutical standards. Overall, for the toxic substances within a certain range of cleaner production, this system is superior choice.

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